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The Society's objectives are to restore, reconstruct, preserve, maintain and improve the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal from Nob End, Little Lever to the River Irwell in Salford, to Church Wharf in Bolton, and to Bury Bridges in Bury.

Nob End, Little Lever, is the "centre" of the canal in that the three arms radiate from this location. The Bolton and Bury Arms are all on one level – the summit (highest) level and the water supply comes from the River Irwell and feeds this summit, via Elton Reservoir.

Most of the canal can still be walked from Nob End to Darcy Lever (2 miles), Bury (4½ miles) and Agecroft (5 miles). The Society published a revised Towpath Guide 3 in 2024.

If you would like to hear more about restoration progress then why not join the Society, attend Open Meetings or take part in Work Parties.

Please make a donation to support our aims by going to:

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