Radcliffe Growing Together – Volunteer Fair March 2024

David Barnes, Sam Kennion, Chris Nash and Paul Hindle ensured that MBBCS had a high profile at the recent Volunteer Fair on Sunday, 24th March which was organised by Radcliffe Growing Together. Once again with this splendid event, Growing Together and groups in Radcliffe showed the strong community spirit and the fondness for the canal which was very encouraging.

We were unable to network with local community groups and charities to raise awareness and promote our restoration activities. Local people clearly value the benefits that the canal and towpath provides and support what MBBCS is trying to do. Membership details were provided and MBBCS publications sold from the stand.

The Mayor of Bury, Councillor Sandra Walmsley (see photo below) asked to be kept informed of progress and any opportunities for the Council to assist restoration and the delivery of further facilities, activities and events along the canal and towpath.