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Restoring the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal

A Vision Statement

Executive Summary

This vision for restoring the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal is essential to engage local communities and secure funding.

The aim is to seek to provide a navigable, maintained and connected waterway within an accessible ‘blue/green’ valley corridor which:

  • helps to meet the needs and improves the quality of life for local communities
  • attracts visitors and investment to the area
  • creates an eco-highway with new and improved habitats, greater biodiversity

and better access to these natural assets.

This vision will directly benefit the people of Bolton, Bury and Salford. It supports the aims and policies of these three Local Authorities, the Local Plans and the development strategy for Greater Manchester.

The Restoration Partnership wants to see the canal:

  • Restored in stages, starting with the summit level from Bolton to Bury
  • Enjoyed by as many people as possible, residents and visitors
  • Provide a catalyst to regenerate the communities and land alongside it
  • Be an improved natural asset that contributes to addressing climate change
  • Become economically sustainable.

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