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Canal Maps

MBBC mapBelow are a selection of Canal Maps taken from Towpath Guide 2 by Paul Hindle. To the right is an overall map of the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal and below are individual sections as indicated. Please click on each image for a larger version.

1.  Bridges 1 to 12 – Manchester & Salford Junction Canal
2.  Bridges 13 to 26 – Salford to Agecroft
3.  Bridges 27 to 39 – Agecroft to Clifton
4.  Bridges 40 - 48 – Giant's Seat to Nob End
5.  Bridges 51 to 63 – Nob End to Bolton
6.  Bridges 64 to 74 – Nob End to Radcliffe
7.  Bridges 73 to 89 – Radcliffe to Bury


Manchester & Salford Junction Canal map   Salford to Agecroft map   Agecroft to Clifton map   Giant's Seat to Nob End map   Nob End to Bolton map   Nob End to Radcliffe map   Radcliffe to Bury map

Waterway Routes Maps

Waterway Routes produce excellent free maps for the MB&B Canal which are available to download from their website in both Acrobat (pdf) and Memory-Map (qct) Format. 

Waterway Routes also produce a great range of Maps and DVDs for the open waterways which make excellent choices if you are cruising or walking along those, and they make excellent gifts and souvenirs.



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