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Craft & Food Fair – 4th November, 2017 – report by Liz Donlan

The second Craft & Food Fair was once again held at St Monica's RC High School in Prestwich which was organised by Simply Handmade Crafts (Liz Donlan) in conjunction with Ian Astbury and Chris Nash. There were 51 stalls altogether including the tombola and the MBBCS stand.

Thanks go to:

•   Chris & Anne Nash, Paul Hindle, Mike Donlan and Jacky Heath (one of the crafters) for distributing leaflets and posters around the
    Prestwich area

•   Paul, Chris and Anne for helping set the hall up on Friday night

•   Paul and Chris for helping crafters unload and load their stock from and to their cars

•   Rick & Di for manning the tombola stall

•   Lisa Astbury who, despite expecting, directed the crafters to the car park after unloading, helped show crafters to their tables and
    generally kept an eye on things

Special thanks go to Ian Astbury for, once again, arranging the hall, putting up the banners, helping set up on Friday night, helping the crafters unload and load their cars and for generally being available throughout the day to help the crafters with their queries.

Unfortunately, I had suffered two mild strokes in October and very nearly cancelled the event but, thanks to Helen Morris (one of my Crafters) and Mike (my husband) we decided to go ahead and they both helped considerably leading up to and on the day of the event. I am also grateful to some friends who took me to the event for a couple of hours as I couldn't just sit at home wondering how it was all going!

If we go ahead with the event in 2018 we will need more help with publicising much more and trying to get more people through the door as well as more help and support from society members.

After all that, I am pleased that the donation from Simply Handmade Crafts (in the form of a donation from each stallholder), the tombola, and a donation from all the teas and coffees purchased from A Taste of Vintage who ran the pop-up cafe, we raised £511.20

Thanks to Helen Morris who, in between managing the event, managed to take some photos of the day!



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