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The Society continues to be very busy. Recently there has been a lot of talking, which will hopefully lead to action in the future.

1. We have been talking to Natural Course, the Irwell Catchment Partnership and the Environment Agency about possible joint schemes. We applied to the EA for substantial funding, sadly without success, but we now know how best to apply next time round.

2. We have obtained a grant of £10k from Awards for All for a project called Bridging the Gap which will involve five local primary schools leading up to a big event on the canal at Nob End on 14/15 June 2019.

3. We are talking to the C&RT National Restoration Manager (Sam Anderson-Brown) about restoration strategies, and we expect to have access to the new regional funding in 2019.

4. We are talking to planners in all three local authorities about the possibility of using Beeline funding (for cycling & walking) to improve our towpaths.

5. We are talking to United Utilities about improving the towpath at Rhodes Farm; this could be several years away, but we are in discussions right at the start.

6. We have brought together the local Conservation Officer and the management of the owners of the Grade II listed steam crane, and they are now discussing how to make the boiler safe. This one is out of our hands !

7. We have been assisting the contractors working on the towpath improvements between Radcliffe and Ringley - mainly by erecting fencing and cutting down trees and vegetation. C&RT are planning to continue the works from Nob End to Hall Lane.

8. We are talking to Bury Council about getting the 'Water Made It Wet' artwork on Whittaker’s Bridge repainted.

9. We have been talking to Bolton Council about installing tourist signs to the Meccano Bridge. Maybe in the days of Sat Nav such signs are no longer needed.

10. As reported in the last magazine we have made representations to Salford Council and the developers of the A6 Masterplan about the canal in Salford.

11. We routinely receive any planning applications close to the canal, and offer advice as needed.

12. Of course we also have working parties two days a month (usually on the 2nd full weekend), at the moment working around Nob End and Ringley.

13. We hope to start work on rebuilding the bullnose and backwall at the top of the locks at Nob End in 2019. We now have a volunteer Project Manager to take charge.

14. We meet with C&RT four times a year. We have a Joint Steering Committee which also has folk from the three local authorities, and meets twice a year. Both meetings took place in December.

15. There are ongoing talks with C&RT about health and safety issues.

16. The website and Facebook pages are regularly updated.

17. Council meets every three months to conduct the business of the Society. Everyone on Council is pulling their weight, but special thanks must go to Chris Nash for his work contacting various outside bodies in the past year.

Finally, as Chairman, I give talks about the canal to outside societies; I gave 12 talks in 2018, and 5 are already scheduled for 2019. So far I have given over 120 talks to almost 4000 people and raised donations totaling £4400. I also deal with new memberships and renewals, sales, and of course I edit the Society magazine four times a year.

Paul Hindle
January 2019


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