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The Craft and Food Fair in aid of the Society was held again at St Monica’s in Prestwich on Saturday 4th November - see page 11. The event raised £511 for Society funds.

We held a ‘Local Art and Heritage’ event at Nob End on Saturday 2nd December which included the temporary erection of a full-scale mock-up of a new artwork for Nob End designed by Liam Curtin and Emily Hooker. Other activities included music, tree-planting, a painting competition, society stands, plus food and drink.
After a busy autumn it has gone rather quiet, but four items are still ongoing.
· The restoration strategy is still in discussion with C&RT.
· A bid for environmental improvements at Ringley is being put together by C&RT.
· Work on the towpath between Radcliffe and Nob End finally began in December.
· Discussions are ongoing about making the boiler of the steam crane safe.

Paul Hindle

Swan artwork

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